Mission Statement

Here at Job Placement Services at Thatcher Brook Center, we find no greater purpose than to assist in maximizing the quality of day, for those who come to us trusting in service delivery excellence. We ensure evidence of our success by the measured progress on personal goals and the smiles we see going home everyday. We attempt to quantify this purpose by accountability to their voices, their needs, their opinions and their power both at the Center and in the community.

Our fundamental guide is that of fostering individual holistic health by teaching the tenets of good mental and physical health through growing, understanding and eating whole foods, learning natural strategies to decrease anxiety such as qigong, meditation, breathing, yoga, aroma therapy and physical exercise, as well as the modeling of healthy living by our staff.

We strive to ensure that a day for people who join us here should be as fulfilling as what we would hope for our own personal lives. It is our standard and bar of excellence to grow ourselves every day to better enable this to occur.